What Apple really impress me, is not just a phone that you can play with and amazingly handy user interference.

It is the SDK platform it build and the business model behind that. By sharing the revenue with developers and completely open the code (I dont know what it is called actually), the App Store has amazingly over 350 thousands App and a total download of more than 10 billion.  Besides the numbers, which means the revenue it brings to its business success, the technological innovation beard in is dumbfounded.

I like to search for the app store for free travelling apps before every trips. Nowadays almost all the major cities in Europe has its own transport Apps on itunes. They make lives of local and globetrotter more convenient on an incredible extent. Apart from that, those “time-out” type app, which tells you where to eat and hang-out, helps a lot too. Through a database, your gps information and the internet, you have no chance to get lost. (some apps can make you do that too offline)

I downloaded an App called Swiss Peak when I went to Switzerland and it is really amazing. It can tell you the name of the peak by pointing at it in your camera!! The rationale behind it seems very complicated but exciting. What seems to me is that the platform not only shares the value with the developer and users, but also stimulates the innovation of developers. On the other hand, the use of the apps make it more mature to transform a computer-based world into a mobile one. Now we can do almost everything on a smart phone and it is getting much more useful, in terms of portability than a laptop or a PC.

This is the future trend, and we should not forget who creates it.

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